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The barometer measures atmospheric pressure in units of hPa, kPa, mmHg, mb or in. The atmospheric pressure corresponds to the weight of the surrounding gas and is subject to weather conditions and local altitude. Watching Kia changes so that you can predict the weather.
Please pay attention to the changes in the barometric pressure indicated by the pointer and observe the changes in the weather.
Elevated air pressure: sunny weather.
Increased air pressure: short and clear.
Reduced pressure: bad weather.
The pressure drops rapidly: thunderstorms.
Small fluctuations in pressure: the weather continues.
No battery required.

Measuring range: 960~1060hPa ,-30~50℃, 0~100%Rh
Resolution: 1hPa,1℃, 2%Rh
Accuracy: +/-5hPa, +/-2℃ , +/-5%Rh(40~70%Rh)
Size: approx Ø13 x TH 4.1cm
Meteorological instruments for home rooms, offices, laboratories, computer rooms, archives, shops, hospitals, schools, greenhouses, libraries, warehouses, factories and other places.
Before you enable weather meters, adjust the weather meter according to the altitude of your area. Please confirm the current atmospheric pressure (available through local meteorological services and Internet access). Carefully use a small screwdriver to rotate the screw on the back of the meteorological instrument until the pointer indicates the same value as the local actual atmospheric pressure. If the adjustment of the angle is too large, should be adjusted in order to avoid loss of parts within the table. After adjusting the barometer, gently tap the barometer glass surface to obtain a more accurate barometric indication.
Package Included:
1 x Suspended weather forecast
1 x User Instruction

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