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-ID card is THRC12 / 13 read-only non-contact card, it is powered by the reader and read out the chip stored in the EEPROM in the card number, the card number written in the card before, after sealing card can not be changed.
-Non-contact ID card with easy operation, fast, reliable and other outstanding advantages, access to a wide range of applications.
-Applicable to access control, time and attendance, membership management, public transportation, parking, identity authentication, attendance management, ticket card payment, product identification.
Product name: ID Card
Material: PVC
Color: White
Size: Approx. 86 x 54 x 0.8mm/3.38" x 2.12" x 0.031"
Quantity: 5pcs
Carrier frequency: 125khz
Sensing distance: 8cm
Storage Capacity: 1k (bits)
Read and write time: 0.3 (MS)
Weight: 34g
How the ID card works:
-The system consists of a card, a card reader, and a back-end controller. The working process is as follows:
-The card reader sends out the carrier signal through the antenna;
-After the card enters the working area of the card reader, the resonant circuit composed of the inductance coil and the capacitor in the card receives the carrier signal transmitted by the card reader. The RF interface module of the chip generates the power supply voltage, reset signal and system clock , So that the chip "activated";
-The chip read control module modulates the data in the memory by the phase modulation and modulates the carrier wave and sends back to the card reader via the card antenna;
-The card reader demodulates and decodes the received card echo signal and sends it to the back computer. The back computer makes corresponding processing and control according to the legitimacy of the card number for different applications.
Package Included:
5 x 125khz RFID Proximity Cards

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