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- There are a lot of ball rolling motion between screw shaft and nut, it is possible to obtain a high efficiency of movement
- Ball screw is manufactured in Japan the world's highest level of consistent production out of machinery and equipment,
due to the sound quality management system so that accuracy can be fully guaranteed.
- Since the ball screw ball movement, so the starting torque is extremely small, sliding motion does not appear as crawling
phenomenon, to ensure accurate micro feed.
- Ball screw can be added to the pressure, due to the axial clearance can achieve negative pressure, then get a higher rigidity
- Ball screw movement due to the high efficiency, low heat generation, it is possible to achieve high-speed feed

Installation method:

1. The ball screw nut is inserted into the ball screw after the temporary locking. Position the nut in the middle of the ball screw shaft.
2. The thrust ring and the fixed side of the BK12 support temporarily fixed in one side of the ball screw and tighten.
3. BF12 support seat can be inserted into the another side of ball screw and the single row of bearings into the fixed.
4. Finally, steeper Cooper inserted into ball screw and fixed in the outer side of the BF12 bearing.


Model: RM1605
Material: Stainless steel
Size: 360mm
Function: The rotary motion into linear motion, or to convert torque into axial force over and over again

Packing Included:

1 x RM1605 Ball Screw
1 x RM1605 Ball Nut with end mechined
1 x BK12+BF12 End Support
1 x Steeper Couper


SKU 137542
Brand Home-made-US

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